Club Bol-anon e.V.

The Club

The Club was founded by Boholanos, people from the Island of Bohol in the Visayas, a region of the Philippines, who are now living in Berlin, Germany.

The Club wants to propagate Philippine Culture and Tradition, especially dances, in Germany 
Events displaying Philippine folk dances will be arranged for this purpose. Children, youths and adults are taught Philippine folk dances. They perform at events of the club and on other occasions.

Gains will be used to support street children and orphans on the Island Bohol, Philippines.

On May 21., 2008, the Club was registered as Club Bol-anon e.V.

In January 2010 the Club gained the status as a non profit organisation serving the public good (gemeinnützig).

Financing of the Club

1. Membership fees

2. Donations

3. Events arranged by the Club

History of the club

The "Kinampay Club", an organization of Boholanos in Berlin, Germany, was founded in 1988 by Rev. Fr. Bacareza, SVD. On September 14., 2003, the Kinampay Club was re-organized and renamed Club Bol-anon. The officers and members were inducted by Fr. Erasio Flores, SVD, who became our Club Advisor.

Our organisation aims to support the poor in the Philippines and to provide services to our parish here in Berlin for the common good. For us, praying together gives us the strength and stamina to work in a civic group to achieve our goals.