Club Bol-anon e.V.

The Dance Troupe

Our dance troupe has adults, youths and children as members. They learn folkdances from the different regions of the Philippines and present them in their performances.

Our dance instructor attaches great importance to the authenticity of dances and costumes whereever possible.

The dance troupe is an important part of our Club Bol-Anon. Members are young people and those who still feel young from the philippine community in Berlin. Immigrants and born here who are united by an interest in Philippine folklore dances.

Our goal is to keep up philippine culture and to promote understanding by the young people for their cultural roots through dance and music.

The group performs on occations like birthdays, marriages, public events, and events by the Philipppine Catholic Community. The group also plays an important part in the events of our Club Bol-Anon e.V.